Unlimited & Primary Color Options

Alchem includes a backend color picker in the theme options that allows you to easily change the color of any element throughout the entire theme. Simply select the color picker and pick a new color, or insert a hex or rgb number and the new color value will be implemented throughout the entire site. All font sizes, menus, dividers, separators, boxes, etc can be changed via theme options or within the shortcode itself. We put time and effort into building Alchem, making sure that all buttons, bullets, links, text, roll overs and other items were created with CSS3 so they could be manipulated by the color picker. The beautifully made CSS3 buttons gradients & roll overs can easily be changed to any color. Enjoy!

Within theme settings, there is an option to specify your primary color. With the adjustment of this one setting, you can completely change the look and feel of your site. Alchem supports changing global color via one simple click, the color picker will help you find the color you prefer easily. But please notice changing primary color only affect most default color, those you had specified colors can’t change because of the css priority.